Before undertaking your flight you need to sign a disclaimer form which states that you are aware that

“the design, manufacture, and airworthiness of this aircraft are not required to meet any standard recognised by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), CASA does not require the aircraft to be operated to the same degree as an aircraft on a commercial passenger flight. The passenger flies in the aircraft at his or her own risk.”

This is a requirement of CASA. Please also tell us if there are any medical conditions that may impact on your safety or enjoyment.  Examples are pregnancy, heart problems, medicated high blood pressure, or significant low blood pressure, neck or spinal injuries and similar such problems.  If any of these apply please contact us to discuss the implications.  In nearly every case it will not stop you from undertaking your flight but may change some aspects of the flight. 

This is an advisory with a link from Civil Aviation Safety Authority about adventure flights in general

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